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Tricks of The Trade

There is a certain amount of pleasure involved in booking your next trip and then others times it becomes like a second job and not fun at all. 

How many of us have used Expedia, then popped over to Orbitz to price compare and not realized they are the same company. 

Travel Websites Under The Parent Company Expedia


Airlines Cost The Importance of that letter!


Have you ever noticed that letter on your ticket?

This letter is very important when you are shopping for the cheapest airfare. Above is an example of an American Airlines flight from NYC to Miami. You will see two letters for main cabin; the airline assigns a cost to each letter, Y being the most expensive main cabin ticket.  This will allow extra benefits when it comes to changes but you really want the most affordable coach seat while staying away from the basic economy option.

Basic economy for American Airlines is currently under the letter B. I strongly advise staying away from this ticket as it is non-refundable and no changes are allowed, also on AA your “bag” has to fit under the seat in front of you, so this makes for a very unpleasant experience.

Other major airlines also offer this budget ticket under different lettering. They are starting to change the letters meaning when they launched basic economy, you could be sure by the letter which was basic economy.  For AA it was B for Delta Airlines it was E and for United Airlines it was N but we have noticed United using different lettering for international flights, you will have to go into fare rules to understand if it is in fact a restricted ticket. Use the rule if the prices seems to good to be true, yes there is a catch!

Using this information while you shop and take note of the lowest price you see and the letter attached. This cost should be the same on each travel vendor for flight cost.  Use the Hopper App to track flight cost here. 

Travel Agencies have access to bulk or dynamic tickets, the airlines have worked out a deal with the agency such as Liberty Travel/Flight Centre in the US and they may have access to lower cost airfare that are not published online.  Advance booking is usually required but you will have wonderful savings for long haul flights especially.

When it comes to the land portion of your flight it can still can be packaged to avail of the lowest cost.

What a wonder way to contribute to your local economy by booking with a travel agency. Travel agents get paid commission by the hotel for selling their product so that is at no extra cost to you.

If you need help finding a knowledgable travel agent we can connect you here.

Most travel agencies price match online vendors so always ask if it is possible. If their have a direct contract with the hotel they will be able to get you the lowest cost also.