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Gluten Free Travel

As an excited traveler and living gluten-free, thanks to Celiac/Coeliac Disease; I navigate the world with an unwavering determination to explore while managing this disease. 

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those with dietary restrictions, I have developed a base of knowledge in crafting seamless gluten-free travel experiences. Armed with extensive research, personal experiences, and a network of resources, I have honed the art of exploring diverse cultures and cuisines while staying true to a gluten-free requirements. 

New York City and Beyond

Travel App 

Clever Travels operates an 100% gluten free restaurant and bakery app. Over one thousand establishments entered into the Gluten Free Traveling Toon App &  Help Gluten Free website. We can build vacations around these amazing safe spaces. 

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Gluten Free Restaurants World Wide

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