Real Estate New York


Breakdown of each county: 

Long Island: apart from using the LIRR train you are in traffic going to Nassau and Suffolk County, as you are aware Suffolk is also the Hamptoms so property out there though very beautiful, very expensive. 

Rockland County: Across the Hudson River; Very populated as you travel north it gets more remote; A state park seperates it from Orange County. 

WestChester just north of the city; the property taxes are on the higher end but some towns like Rye and Scarsdale are very nice. Worth looking at but on the high end of the price point.

Just north of here is Putnam; this reminds me of where I live in Orange County, lakes and country side but that may feel a little too country and a slightly far from the city but metro north trains are accessible. 

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Rockland County; you would have to take a bridge to the train but driving wise it is very close to the city. The town of Piermont is really nice and not too expensive. As you travel north you will get mostly family good schools; I don’t love the properties here as they are all built in bilevel ranch style and range from the 700 up range. The schools are what brings the cost up. Pearl River is lovely but the listings here are very low. 

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Westchester County: White plains reminds me of Queens but nicer. They have a busy downtown and a good mix of properties for all price points. 

Scarsdale has both price points also; very grand properties and a pretty town area. 

Westchester in general is a mix of very expensive neighborhoods and more afforable close by. Rye is high end while Port Chester directly north can be very affordable. 


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New Jersey

The further you get away from the city the more affordable, as you know NJ Transit is very good. 

Passaic County NJ is right beside me in Greenwood lake New York so that be too far but they have busses. 

Essex/ Union/ Morris are all close by train; again expensive areas with a mix of more affordable. I do not cover NJ but it would be worth taking a drive around to see the towns you like. 

Monmouth County people use the ferry to commute to NYC the train takes too long.