Bethesda Terrace

“Located in the heart of the Park, Bethesda Terrace is found at the north end of the long, tree-lined promenade known as the Mall and overlooks the Ramble and the Lake. The Terrace is a popular destination for relaxing, people-watching, and admiring the architecture and the scenery. At the center of the Terrace stands Bethesda Fountain, also known as Angel of the Waters, one of the Park’s most beloved works of art.

Bethesda Terrace was intended as a gathering space for Park visitors. It was also conceived of as the Park’s most prominent display of art and architecture and one of its few formal landscapes, providing a contrast to the more naturalistic design of the rest of the Park. It was designed by architect and Park co-designer Calvert Vaux with his assistant, Jacob Wrey Mould, who was responsible for the intricate carvings on the Terrace’s architectural features, including its ramps, balustrades, and piers.